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Why You Need an Engagement Marketing Eco-System

By August 11, 2015January 7th, 2020No Comments

There are so many reasons why marketers fall behind on the whole “technology” game plan. Let me name a few:

  • “We don’t have a budget for tech implementations.”

  • “We don’t have the money to hire a specialist.”

  • “We don’t have the resources.”

  • “We don’t need any of that!”

You get the picture.

These are all totally valid reasons, but marketers are failing to see the “technical debt” that they dig themselves into. People hate change: it’s unfamiliar, daunting, and scary. They want to remain running “as they’ve always been” to avoid internal chaos and disruption from introducing new marketing technology.

The problem? Every day spent debating on whether to take the plunge into new marketing software (Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.) is an additional day that your competitors have to create better and more agile programs. That can be anything from a new inbound campaign, developing buyer personas, or writing valuable content.


Failing to adapt to these critical marketing tools can significantly impact an organization’s success.


Has this struck a nerve yet? I hope so.


The 3 Primary Tech Components

… that you need to have to create a complete engagement marketing eco-system:

  1. Ad-buying tools

  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  3. Marketing Automation


Think of this like a three-legged bar stool

You have engagement marketing as the seat of the stool and each of these technologies as legs.

In order for your engagement marketing to stand on its own, all three legs need to be there to support it. Miss a leg and the stool falls down. Most companies these days have some combination of these tools, but lack the strategy to create a successful engagement marketing eco-system.




An Engagement marketing (inbound marketing) strategy is the glue that holds the system together. The technology only supplements the plan. It looks like this:

  • Creating buyer personas

  • Defining keywords and marketing triggers

  • Setting inbound goals

  • Building a content strategy

  • Defining a lead nurturing process

Consider these elements before your team decides on the platform. We know all about the pains of transitioning, but we can work with you to make it happen seamlessly. It’s like we weren’t even there! We have a 90 Days to Marketing Sophistication program to kick-start your transformation. It aims to push marketing teams ahead of their competition by creating a complete, closed-loop marketing eco-system.

Visit our services page to find out how this will work for you!


Solomon Solution

At Solomon, we believe every lead, contact, and opportunity is more than a transaction – they’re relationships that need to be nurtured far beyond a single campaign or transaction. We are an engagement design firm that focuses upon the real motivators for strong customer engagement and we deliver actionable solutions and company-wide marketing strategies. Solomon Solution uses innovative products and expert consulting services to transform your customer engagement journey – from initial spark to advocacy.

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