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Solomon delivers expert consulting, innovative products and development services to accelerate pipeline and revenue growth and turn your customer engagement into reality. This is accomplished by using our expertise and the Solomon Engagement Framework approach to relationship design to drive marketing ideation, acceleration, and scaling.

Solomon’s Engagement Framework

Marketing’s goal is to drive revenue for the company. We’re dreamers and realists at Solomon. We believe that relationships are absolutely more profitable than transactions. Relationship marketing is big picture strategy while transactional marketing is grounded in short sighted goals tied to micro-lifts.

The people who have committed to your brand are one of your most powerful “marketing channels”. Solomon’s Engagement Framework captures the entire customer journey; from “hello” to “advocate”. We walk you through each step so that you can gain a good understanding of where your company is doing great, and where you can harness the principles of relationship design to drive outperforming value for your company. We do this by providing services that fuel marketing ideation, acceleration and scaling.

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Solomon’s Success Trifecta


We design and strategize your customer engagement journey from that initial spark and enable you to reach and connect with customers.


With our expert consulting services we implement a marketing strategy to drive customers through your engagement journey all the way to advocacy…faster.


We design solutions and build martech stack applications and enhance your marketing operating model to scale with the growth of your company.

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