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Engagement Design

A customer engagement assessment is the first step on a path to marketing and sales sophistication. The Solomon Engagement Framework Relationship Assessment is designed to help businesses and organizations refocus their marketing efforts around relationship development.

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Consulting & Training

Solomon Solution has been working with leading companies to deliver expert consulting services, content creation, complete funnel insights, marketing instructional resources, and seamless marketing and sales integrations to accelerate your marketing results.

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Product Development

Solomon develops innovative products to fill in the gaps of your martech stack. Whether it is to amplify performance of your existing applications or roll-out new solutions we deliver and implement tools that introduce or enhance your marketing automation.

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Our Products

Solomon Services Offerings

Campaign + Content Creation

  • Nurture + drip campaigns
  • Dynamic + localization content
  • Emails + landing page creation
  • Email deliverability assessment
  • Webinar series development
  • Mobile marketing services
  • Product launch / promotion campaigns
  • Tradeshow / Convention execution

Engagement Design

  • ‘Relationship Framework’ assessment + plan
  • Persona development
  • Brand advocacy programs
  • Lead Scoring methodology

Lead Acquisition

  • Digital media optimization + insights
  • Form progressive profiling
  • Form + website integrations
  • Subscription preference center
  • GDPR compliance auditing and implementation

Analytics, Reporting + Insights

  • Real – Time performance reporting
  • Tracking audit
  • Complete funnel insight & analytics
  • Monthly, quarterly, or annual reviews

Training + Documentation

  • Marketing automation principles
  • Lead scoring and nurturing workshop
  • On-site super-charge sessions

MarTech Integration

  • API development
  • Marketing instance implementation
  • Marketing & sales integrations
  • Custom solution development + products

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