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Analytics Dashboard


Webpage-level analytics for PDFs.

Get unparalleled insights into eBooks, whitepapers, and other documents often delivered in PDF format. View on-page performance, download moments, and set mid-content gates.

View Page Performance

View metrics like time spent on each page, total sessions by unique reader, and top performing pages.

Capture Download Moments

Discover which pages drive readers to download and consume at their own leisure.

Add Mid-Content Gates

Eliminate gated content with no preview. Instead, give the reader a taste before they decide to continue.

Make content work harder for you.

By 2021, Forrester estimates CMOs will be spending $119B on digital marketing. With companies investing sizable resources to produce high-quality content, it’s about time we remove the veil on PDF metrics. With RiDOCulous, know the impact and make impactful changes!

Try RiDOCulous for free! Upload up to 3 PDFs and explore metrics for as long as you’d like.

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