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What Does Marketo’s New Mobile Engagement Mean For Marketers?

By April 14, 2015January 7th, 2020No Comments

We need to set goals for customers and let them choose the journey!

Marketo’s new native mobile app integration will allow users to expand their nurturing journey into mobile in a big way. Marketo enables location, pages visited, and in app activity natively within the tool.

With this new information, marketers will be able to send push notifications to their app users right from within their Marketo campaigns. This provides a great new way to reach target audiences without the need of third party integration partners. The best part is that marketers will not be able to reach anonymous leads, which means additional engagement with or without an email or phone number.

In addition to a new medium for native engagement, we will get this functionality in conjunction with the power that Marketo is known for such as segmentation and lead scoring. This will enable Marketo users to continue to strive towards personalized messaging for the individual. Use cases include special offers, news announcements and personalized deals based on engagement. As always, it’s about being in the right place at the right time!

Marketo for Mobile Apps

This new technology will easily integrate with mobile apps (Android, iOS, Windows).

At Solomon, this new functionality revolutionizes the way we communicate across the relationship experience journey.

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Solomon Solution

At Solomon, we believe every lead, contact, and opportunity is more than a transaction – they’re relationships that need to be nurtured far beyond a single campaign or transaction. We are an engagement design firm that focuses upon the real motivators for strong customer engagement and we deliver actionable solutions and company-wide marketing strategies. Solomon Solution uses innovative products and expert consulting services to transform your customer engagement journey – from initial spark to advocacy.

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