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Solomon’s core competency is helping organizations break down the walls challenging the achievement of their greatest potential. Often, the first step in tackling a major obstacle or opportunity is an expert Project Manager than can help create a successful plan. We’ve developed a three step plan of attack; Identify, Achieve, and Exceed. What’s the most human response after being presented with a major opportunity or challenge? to solve it right then and there! Unfortunately, that’s also the most direct route to failure. The greatest achievements of mankind were accomplished with a deep foundation of planning. It’s humbling to consider how much planning the Apollo missions, Lewis & Clark Expedition, or Manhattan project required to even get off the ground. We’re history nuts at Solomon, and undertook a study of these famous project to identify the common beliefs and attributes that led to their ultimate success. Identify. The first step of every successful project is a deep phase of discovery. Black & white, what’s the goal at hand? Strategically, what does excellence look like once the dust has settled and everything is humming and whirring? Once we lock on goals, the next step is lifting the hood and taking an inventory of all of the parts, processes, experts, and tools we’ll need to get the job excellently done. Finally, only after the research is complete, do we enter a phase of creative design. The elegance and usability of the final solution often drives the ultimate success of any endeavor. Will people love it? Achieve The words you’ve been waiting for; Plan, Build, and Execute. This is packing the powder and lighting the fuse. Our team consists of ScrumMasters and domain experts with the knowledge to leverage research and design a plan that’ll simply work. We’re agile in our approach to solving problems, because that’s the way the world and people work. We understand flexibility and knowledge flourish under controlled iterations and constructive engineering. The best solutions are built through team work, humility, and tireless persistence. Exceed Our goal is to deliver an effective, elegant, and goal shattering solution to each of our clients. But, we’re here for the long haul and believe in long term relationships that continue driving value, refinement, and continued return on investment. We’re not happy until the goals we set forth in the beginning have been exceeded in distant memory.

Jesse Fowl

Jesse Fowl

Jesse Fowl believes that at its core, marketing is about crafting experiences that evoke emotions – good, bad, or otherwise. As the managing director and lead strategist at Solomon, he is an expert in turning customer-centered design into reality, enabled by his team’s mastery of technology and data-driven insight. Jesse began his career at nineteen as an engineer in Silicon Valley. After the tech bust he began managing marketing IT systems of high-profile casinos in Las Vegas, where he focused on Loyalty Marketing and learned about the power of hospitality-driven and experiential relationship sales. Jesse spent time in the world of Big 4 consulting, managing enterprise marketing projects for Fortune 5 finance and high tech clients, before founding Solomon Solutions in 2014 and growing it into a multimillion dollar global martech disrupter. Jesse lives with his family in the Pacific Northwest, where he enjoys fly fishing and BASE jumping from live volcanoes.

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