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Meet Monica Zunick: Demand Generation Analyst

By July 31, 2019No Comments

Being a great consultant also means working for a great consulting agency. The agency is the backbone of what you represent and work for.

Monica Zunick ♦ Demand Generation Analyst

What Do You Bring to Solomon? 

When Did You Start Your Marketing Career? 

I went to Northeastern University where I had the opportunity to complete three six-month internships while earning my undergraduate degree. While applying for my second internship I cast a wide net, unsure of what direction I wanted to take. I ended up landing a position as a marketing automation specialist at a B2B cloud security company. I was learning about general marketing principles through my classes, but none had covered marketing automation, so I went into the role unfamiliar of what that kind of work looked like. I’m so glad I took a chance on accepting that offer because I loved it and have never looked back. 

What Is Your Proudest Professional Moment?

My proudest professional moment was during my first marketing automation position. I was about three months into the role when my team members were all attending a conference, leaving me as the point person for all Marketo requests for about a week. As just a 20-year-old I had the opportunity to prove my timeliness when handling requests, reliability, and attention to detail. 

What Is the Best Part of Your Job? 

The best part of my job is being part of a culture at Solomon Solution that promotes continuous learning. New projects, and the challenges that come with them, are an opportunity to not only apply my expertise, but also are an opportunity to experiment new solutions through trial-and-error, and in the process, learn something new 

What Makes You Excited to be Part of the Team? 

I’m excited to be part of the team to get to work with people who are experts in their respective domains and willing to share their knowledge. Seeing how they are innovating within the marketing technology field is so exciting to be a part of. 

What Do You Do in Your Pastime? 

In my pastime I like to run or go on walks to get outside, cook by trying new recipes or making elaborate meals with any leftovers I find in the fridge, listen to podcasts and music, write, and read mystery novels. 

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