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Marketo Certified Expert Study Guide Part 2: Analytics & Reporting

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MCE progress bar: 40%

Standard Marketo ReportsIn this section of Solomon’s study guide to the Marketo Certified Expert (Adobe Certified Expert – Marketo Engage Business Practitioner) exam, we look at the available analytics and reporting in Marketo. The key takeaway when looking through this section is to know what each report can be used for.

The standard reports available in Marketo are as follows:

  • Campaign Activity Report
  • Campaign Email Performance Report
  • Company Web Activity Report
  • People Performance Report/ Lead Performance Report
  • People by Status Report
  • People by Revenue Stage Report
  • Landing Page Performance
  • Program Performance
  • Social Influence
  • Engagement Stream Performance Report
  • Report type Overview
  • Web Page Activity Report
  • Email Link Performance

Analytics & Reporting

Know how custom columns work in a report

Custom columns is a special filter available in the Setup tab for specific reports. It enables a user to filter by an additional column.

The reports are:

  • Lead performance report / People performance report

Know how to measure database growth over time

A lead performance/people performance report shows how your database has grown over a set period of time, such as last month or the last 30 days.

Know how to measure landing page performance and form conversions

Landing page conversion and visits are measured by landing page performance report.

Know what data you need to have in order to track cost per success

You can track cost per success with the Program Performance Report

Cost per success requires that program cost is implemented on the local program level. This can be done in the setup tab and added as a filter.

Understand the connection between acquisition program and new names

When a new name enters the system as a program member, Marketo automatically sets that program as the acquisition program.

Which programs are good at acquiring profitable new names, and how much does each acquisition cost?

  • Attribution (giving credit to the program) helps measure program success.

Some programs are intended to generate new names, while others are intended to drive sales. By having a system of attribution, you can make educated decisions on which programs to invest in.

Know the consequences of removing leads from an engagement program after they already participated

You wont have visibility in data/analytics if removed for all historical data for the engagement program

Determine the type of report to use for information about the conversion rates of specific landing pages

The Landing Page Performance Report will measure conversions and visits.

The Program performance report will give basic program metrics for members and their success status.

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