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Jumping into Engagement Marketing with Silvia

By August 6, 2015June 13th, 2019No Comments


Hi, I’m Silvia. I just started this marketing thing as an intern at Solomon.

The vast world of Engagement Marketing seems confusing at first, so let me tell you what I do know.

Think of a marketer as a friend who only wants what’s best for you. He’s (or she) your BFF from another world – the marketing world. And in that world is a set of principles that guides each marketer on how to drive revenue by being helpful, available, and insightfully in-tune with their audience.


So… marketing engagement… huh?

Engagement marketing is a strategy. A plan – one that is all about the right people at the right time in all the right places for one goal: revenue. Then there are engagement marketing platforms that make the execution of the plan so much easier.


Successful engagement marketers work within a set of simple principles.

The ABC’s of “Engaging People”…

  • [A]s individuals. Communicate every step of the way and understand them as a person.
  • [B]ased on what they do. People change every day, and we need to respond insightfully based on measured observation.
  • [C]ontinuously over time. Don’t stop caring ever. Engagement marketing isn’t a “one and done” game.
  • [D]irected towards an outcome. Lead customers to the next stage and never stop moving with direction.
  • [E]verywhere they are. It used to be face-to-face, but now it’s Facebook, email, blogs, websites, Twitter. Go follow them. Engage with them!


Engaging People | As individuals

Communicate. If it matters to them, it matters to you. We want to know the buyer’s journey, behavior, history and preferences so you know exactly how your company can help them.

Devices to Talk & Understand

  • Social Media
  • Website click tracking
  • e-Cookies
  • Online Surveys
  • Past purchase history
  • 1:1 sales rep conversation logs


Engaging People | Based on what they do

How do people know that we care?

  • We listen – don’t say a peep when they’re talking
  • We always want to learn more
  • We try to be super helpful and provide immediate value

Marketers use “behavior.” It’s what people have actually done and not what they say they’ll do (which is demographical stuff).

Listening Tools

  • Forms (with info like e-mail, name, company)
  • Databases
  • Social monitoring
  • Landing pages
  • Emails
  • Segmentations
  • Workflows


Engaging People | Continuously over time

Ever heard of the “Buyer’s Journey”? Marketers use this concept to see which stage the customer is at in the buying process.

The Typical “Buyer’s Journey” has 3 stages:

  1. Awareness (problem-based). The buyer is aware of a problem.
  2. Consideration (options-based). The buyer is considering potential options.
  3. Decision (final solution-based). The buyer has decided on their solution (e.g. vendor, product, method, etc.).

Chat with them at their pace. All the time.

Ways to Engage

  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media conversation (Hello, Twitter!)
  • Webinars
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Insights and Interactions
  • Blogs and published content


Engaging People | Directed towards an outcome

There’s this thing called Inbound Methodology. It’s sort of complicated, but basically looks like this:

Attract Convert Close Delight
visitors visitors into leads sales with the customer all of them all the time

Over at Solomon, we took that basic cycle and coined our own version:

  1. Visibility: If no one knows you exist, we’ve got a problem..
  2. Attraction: That 6 seconds of attention is your chance to pull them in.
  3. Interest: You’re on the right track if they come to you for more of your resources.
  4. Relationship: Now’s the chance to build a real connection.
  5. Commitment: Score! It’s a homerun once we close the deal.
  6. Growth: Never stop nurturing the relationship because they grow with us as advocates of our brand.

Wherever a potential customer is at, you want to engage with that person knowing exactly where you want them to be next.

  • Is he a visitor? Let all your cool gadgets attract him as a lead!
  • Are they on the fence about buying? Build trust by being helpful.
  • Did you close? Make her a happy advocator!


Everything sounds the same.

Definitely. Engagement marketing is a big idea that whittles down to one thing: the customers. Everything you do is for them. If you love them, they’ll (probably) love you, too. When you think marketing, think engaging.

Solomon Solution

At Solomon, we believe every lead, contact, and opportunity is more than a transaction – they’re relationships that need to be nurtured far beyond a single campaign or transaction. We are an engagement design firm that focuses upon the real motivators for strong customer engagement and we deliver actionable solutions and company-wide marketing strategies. Solomon Solution uses innovative products and expert consulting services to transform your customer engagement journey – from initial spark to advocacy.

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