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Four simple ways to customize an email template

By November 16, 2020February 18th, 2021No Comments
Customize email template

Scaling email production is made easy when everyone starts from the same foundational asset. A Master Email Template allows your MOPs team to build multiple email styles one time for rinse and repeat use by the whole team. This takes away costly guesswork and speeds up campaign production. Luckily, getting to this stage is straightforward. Firstly, download and save the  Solomon Solution Master Email Template in Marketo, then begin to customize it for your organization.

We recommend these four low-tech features to customize first

1. Header and footer details
Migrating your email template while remaining CAN-SPAM compliant is simple. Swap in your logo, address, and your organization’s privacy-approved footer and links. Then, mix and match the social icons using two to five icons. Insert the links to your social pages and update the alt text.

2. Format
Determine what kind of email you are going to build with this template. What sections will you need? Review all available modules, click and drag the selected modules to their place in the email, and then delete the others from the email body. Don’t worry, they are not removed from the template, only the individual email asset.

3. Branding Standards
Within applicable modules, you will see fields to drop in hex colors for your brand. Update the module background color, CTA color, or font color. Some modules of this template use gradient shades for additional styling—choose the fallback color for email clients where the gradient feature is not available. Need to update the Font Family? Give us a shout! 

4. Featured imagery
Your organization has likely determined the perfect imagery for your marketing goals and buyer personas. Easily swap in images using the editor. This template will resize your image to fit so don’t worry if it is not the exact size as the original but do take advantage of the Small, Medium, and Large module names to be sure you are using the optimal size.

Need to customize technical items like module width, line height, image size? We’ve got you covered. Let us know what you need for your organization and we will be happy to send a specialized file. Contact

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