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Identify | Analyze | Improve

Many of our projects involve drastic changes being implemented within an organization. Whether we’re helping release a new product, implement a new CRM system, or virtualize a massive set of data, there are often significant opportunities available to enhance the underlying business processes affected by such change.

There’s an elegant way to accomplish this and a bull in a china shop method that will lead to cost hemorrhages and burn-out. We’re frankly fans of the first option. This is our process;


Business process improvement starts by documenting the current “as is” state in great detail. The experts running the current processes hold the keys to long term improvement. What are we doing today? We answer that question in great detail leveraging Six Sigma best practices including SIPOC process maps. We help to untangle confusion and ambiguity by clearly documenting every detail from alpha to omega.


The single largest pitfall in process improvement is attempting to drive solutions before illustrating a comprehensive horizon of the current state.

The fun begins once the landscape, inter-dependencies, and process intricacies have been mapped. We facilitate collaborative sessions where the theme of creativity reigns supreme. We analyze the current process map and identify the major opportunities for improvement. We ask the hard questions from a perspective of high elevation, where upon we can see the entire landscape from beginning to end. We question everything, and work together as a team to identify the most important wins.


The final step is creating a strategic plan to incrementally improve each process. Solomon leverages change management best practices to make sure improvements are met with open arms. We start by documenting the “to be” process in detailed workflows. These workflows function as the internal blue print for effecting change.

User adoption is often overlooked because it’s often forgotten from within the project circle entrenched within the design of “to be” process improvements. User adoption is critical. Solomon leverages training best practices to empower the experts who are ultimately responsible for carrying out change within an organization. Empathy for the individual, transparent communication, and a collaborative approach to change ensures measurable success.

Jesse Fowl

Jesse Fowl

Jesse Fowl believes that at its core, marketing is about crafting experiences that evoke emotions – good, bad, or otherwise. As the managing director and lead strategist at Solomon, he is an expert in turning customer-centered design into reality, enabled by his team’s mastery of technology and data-driven insight. Jesse began his career at nineteen as an engineer in Silicon Valley. After the tech bust he began managing marketing IT systems of high-profile casinos in Las Vegas, where he focused on Loyalty Marketing and learned about the power of hospitality-driven and experiential relationship sales. Jesse spent time in the world of Big 4 consulting, managing enterprise marketing projects for Fortune 5 finance and high tech clients, before founding Solomon Solutions in 2014 and growing it into a multimillion dollar global martech disrupter. Jesse lives with his family in the Pacific Northwest, where he enjoys fly fishing and BASE jumping from live volcanoes.

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