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Announcing ScaleMX™ – Extend the power of your Marketo platform

By June 24, 2019 July 9th, 2019 No Comments
ScaleMX Announcement

Extend the power of your Marketo platform

Organizations need to launch more programs faster but scaling the marketing operations teams is challenging and complicated and trying to keep up with all the work and execution is overwhelming. Yet adding more users to your Marketo instance is not a good option as this runs the risk of off brand campaigns or breaking processes – which is not good for you or your audience. 

“Companies and organizations are bombarded with new tools and buzzwords every day; yet every successful marketing team we’ve meet, already has enough on their plate. The biggest issue that I’ve see across our clients, is capacity,” says Jesse Fowl, Managing Director at Solomon Solution.

“To fix this, we put our heads together and built ScaleMX™. It’s a tool that’ll help you automate the activities that take up a ton of your time. The goal is to free marketing teams from redundant operations and automate the (campaign brief > copy > paste > update > execute) cycle of marketing operations.”

ScaleMX™ offers an easy and simple interface that provides access to email templates, campaigns, and programs for your non-Marketo users while still integrating with your marketing workflows and brand guidelines. Eliminate the order-taking and enable marketers, salespeople, and partners to execute and launch more campaigns faster.

  1. The right people doing the right things. Does launching Marketo campaigns downgrade your MOPs team to order takers and leave your marketers waiting on a bulky workflow? Don’t waste time, talent, and money on scaling your Marketo campaigns.
  2. Eliminate expensive training. Let your extended marketing teams update programs and campaigns with the inline editor, an easy to use feature that requires no technical knowledge or training. Plus it provides a real-time view of every asset your team is building and supports an efficient approval workflow.
  3. Define your control. Maintain brand integrity by setting program structure and allowing access to only pre-approved programs and campaigns. ScaleMX lets you give your team autonomy without giving up control of your brand. You can even limit how much or how little the content is modifiable in the inline editor.

ScaleMX™ helps your MOPs team by freeing up time and fielding a flood of requests and intake forms. This gives the team back their time, keeping them from having to constantly build and test programs. The solution allows them to analyze, strategize, and provide additional market insights.

Or as we like to say: “More Marketo Campaigns.  Faster. Easier. Fewer Mistakes.”

We’re confident this will free up time and help to drive more business.  Don’t take our word for it, take a test-drive with ScaleMX™ today to see for yourself and let us know what you think! 



Trent Cross

Trent Cross

Trent Cross is a seasoned digital marketing and marketing technologist, helping companies create and execute on marketing programs generating results with technology. Over 12 years’ experience in Marketing Technology and Marketing Automation (Marketo, Eloqua, and others along with CRM tools and other marketing tech). Trent considers himself a closet geek and with the explosion of technology in marketing has come out and found a home that he truly enjoys. Currently lives in Utah, but has lived in Michigan (Go Blue), Pittsburgh, No Cal, and most recently in Colorado, where he raised the family before moving to Utah. rent has worked for several companies including Novell, Symantec, Hewlett-Packard, Arrow ECS, MarketStar, Harte Hanks and a few startup companies along the way. Currently a Marketo Champion and Certified Expert, leads the Salt Lake City Marketo User Group, recipient of the Marketo Revvie award and a Marketo MUG MVP award recipient.