Case Study: Accelerating the Marketing Technologist Team

at Microsoft

Expanding the capabilities of the global marketing organization with a focus on doing more with less


The global marketing organization at Microsoft wanted to optimize the time of Marketing Technologists, with the goal to have them dedicate more time to strategic initiatives.


Our team focused on doing more with less to accomplish the client’s goal. In doing so we made process improvements to expand market coverage and accelerate go-to-market time.


With help from Solomon Solution Microsoft increased sprint capacity by 27%, expanded the business to 13 additional markets, and increased efficiency by 40% within the global marketing organization.


Marketing Technologists at Microsoft were overwhelmed with time-consuming work such as meetings, project management, building programs, and ad hoc requests. The Marketing Technologists were left with little time for documentation or optimization to help the business grow. They needed a team that could cover, support, provide insights, and illuminate opportunities to strategize.


Solomon’s team of marketing experts supported the Marketing Technologists, specifically their day to day tasks, with a team of people who acted as their right hand. Our ability to get up to speed and ask the right questions allowed our team to identify pain points and find opportunities for improvement. Every single process was meticulously documented and optimized based on learnings.


With sprint capacity increased by 27%, Microsoft was able to expand its business into an additional 13 market locales. With efficiencies and optimization across the board, we were able to free up 60% of the Marketing Technologists’ time to dedicate to strategic initiatives.


Sprint capacity increase


Additional markets reached


Overall efficiency increase

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