Case Study: Microsoft Office 365 Localization

Broadening marketing efforts to establish presence in over 30 global markets


A team of five Solomon consultants began the engagement by identifying a rapid operations plan to assimilate and improve existing business processes. The team worked with the client to establish a six-month goal of doubling output and cutting the Marketing Operations timeline in half.


Experts of Enterprise Business Process optimization, the Solomon team exceeded goals within three months. The team was able to scale operations to thirty-two countries globally while delivering a record of perfect quality.


The Solomon team’s partnership with the client realized a Marketing Operations Transformation that exceeded all predetermined goals and lived up to the internal motto of “twice as fast, never a mistake.”


A large Fortune 10 client in the Pacific Northwest partnered with Solomon to solve a Marketing Operations bottleneck and scale successful Demand Generation programs to the world. The client employed a vendor team of seventeen Marketing Technologists. The client’s global scale was outpacing their vendor’s ability to manage an increasingly complex portfolio of growing work.


This success was achieved by a team of MarTech Directors, Developers, and Analysts who documented existing business processes, identified key workflow improvements, and introduced custom Mar-Tech automation capabilities. The team designed and implemented a thorough Quality Workbook and Iterative Quality process that guaranteed perfection over time.


By implementing new technologies and processes to automate, accuracy was increased, cycles were decreased, and tremendous gains were made. Overall efficiency improved by 93%, the team of 17 people required to complete the work decreased down to 3 people, and time for localization to go to market went from 90 days to 25 days.


Improvement in efficiency


Reduction in time to market days

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