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Veronika Boos

Operations Analyst

Marketo Certified Expert

What Do You Bring to Solomon?
I handle much of the day-to-day administration and operations to keep the company running smoothly behind the scenes, so that our consultants can focus on innovation and keeping our clients happy. Everyone is busy and always looking for ways to save time, so I love finding ways to make peoples’ lives easier – whether it’s cleaning up a mess, implementing a new process, organizing financial data, onboarding a new employee or just jumping on any random project that comes my way – I love to help lessen stress for everyone and increase accuracy and efficiency wherever possible.

When Did You Start Your Marketing Career?
My background is not in marketing at all, so it feels kind of odd when I tell people I work for a marketing company. Although my job is very different from the other team members, we all share a common passion for improvement and innovation, regardless of background. In other words, I love that I’m no longer the only nerd that gets excited about a good spreadsheet or new tool that automates steps in a process!

What’s Your Proudest Professional Moment
The first thing that comes to mind is usually back at my job at Seattle Humane. The executive leadership noticed that we had dozens of new people attending our volunteer orientation each month but somehow our departments were always shorthanded, so I was asked to investigate. The department was a mess and there was a ton of manual repetitive work being done from scratch each time, causing an overwhelmed staff and tons of lost opportunities for new volunteers. I created templates and documented a new process for moving new volunteers from the first point of contact all the way to job assignment/scheduling and then trained the new department manager on all of it. I had discovered that each department over time had drifted away from using the centralized schedule that the volunteer department was using to schedule volunteers and as a result there was confusion, frustration and eventual loss of volunteers. This was back before everything was on the cloud, so it was easy to end up with multiple, conflicting copies of the same thing. This had gone on for months, even years where the lack of a formalized, efficient and simple process over time had significant negative consequences. I was a great joy to get to see everyone’s lives get easier across the organization afterwards.

What Is the Best Part of Your Job?
On a very practical level I would have to say the flexibility. I can work at home, no time spent commuting and as a part-time stay-at-home mom it’s great to be able to just bring my laptop and work anywhere, any time. For this I am very grateful to both Solomon and to modern technology 😊 I’m in Kansas City so I miss being able to see the team in person, but in my current life stage I wouldn’t have it any other way. I also love my job for all the reasons previously mentioned!

What Makes You Excited to be Part of the Team?
As mentioned before, I love the technical and innovative parts of everything. I love that our passion for that seems to cross the normal boundaries, so that we can all relate even though we have all had totally different jobs and experience. I love that I don’t have to constantly explain the importance of process documentation, paying attention to details or tracking information in a centralized place because it’s already just common practice on this team.

What Do You Do in Your Pastime?
Pretty much hanging out with my husband and three kids and going out discovering fun things to do when we have the energy. When we don’t, I love hanging at home and playing games and watching movies with them and stuff like that, now that they are getting old enough to do those sorts of things. We love traveling and camping too when we have the gumption. I feel like I spend about 75% of my “free” time cleaning my house. I am rarely alone, but when I am (and I can let go of my to-do list) I would ideally be relaxing and trying to read a book on some Christian topic that I have been trying to finish for two+ years.😆