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Jesse Fowl

Customer Experience Expert Speaker, Founder of Solomon Solution

Jesse Fowl believes that at its core, marketing is about crafting experiences that evoke emotions – good, bad, or otherwise. As the managing director and lead strategist at Solomon, he is an expert in turning customer-centered design into reality, enabled by his team’s mastery of technology and data-driven insight.

Jesse began his career at nineteen as an engineer in Silicon Valley. After the tech bust he began managing marketing IT systems of high-profile casinos in Las Vegas, where he focused on Loyalty Marketing and learned about the power of hospitality-driven and experiential relationship sales. Jesse spent time in the world of Big 4 consulting, managing enterprise marketing projects for Fortune 5 finance and high tech clients, before founding Solomon Solution in 2014 and growing it into a multimillion dollar global martech disrupter. Jesse lives with his family in the Pacific Northwest, where he enjoys fly fishing and BASE jumping from live volcanoes.

Jesse’s Thought Leadership Topics

Beyond Business Blather: You know why. Now figure out what.

Go beyond the feel-good buzzwords and the C-suite blather you’ve heard repeated to death. Jesse Fowl, founder of Solomon Solution, will help you learn to turn your marketing beliefs into tangible reality. We’ll discuss what you need to do to leverage your guiding principles and customer-first ethos to create tractionable, measurable progress.

It’s Not Really Ok to Fail (Unless You Do It Right)

The phrase “it’s OK to fail” has become the rallying cry of every organization that wants to encourage innovation. Jesse Fowl coaches clients to help them build failure-friendly environments, and will share with attendees how they can: recognize “failure” as a vital part of the cycle of idea development; establish teams with clear roles that create a culture of innovation; set goals around the volume of ideas, not outcome; tie big ideas to business goals and plan for ROI that includes “failed” attempts.

Doing Marketing Operations the Right Way the First Time

Creating the high-performing Marketing Operations team of your dreams comes down to achieving the right balance of three factors: people, process, and technology. Jesse Fowl has helped countless clients create MarTech magic and will share practical, actionable insights with attendees about how they can do the same.

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