The Next 90 Days

The Next Three Months

Before Day 1.

Take the Solomon Engagement Marketing Assessment or schedule your 30-minute discovery session. We will give you a call to discuss your assessment and how we can help.

Day 1.

Project Kick-Off. We fly to you (or you can come visit our awesome Seattle office in Pioneer Square!) and start laying out the groundwork for the next 90 days.

Days 2-8.

Understanding your business. Rest assured we will do our research on your company, industry, and competitors before we meet , but the real value comes from interviewing your team who live it day-to-day. For us to best serve you, we want to listen to what your current processes are and what you’d like them to be.

Days 9-15

Identifying buyer personas. After gaining insight into how you work, we want to understand who you do it for. We spend six full days brainstorming and mapping out your potential buyer’s personas, prioritizing them, and figuring out the best way to reach them (what their needs are).

Days 16-20.

Technology overview. In order to build a complete marketing ecosystem, we need to know where you’re at. Do you have just CRM? What current marketing technology do you have already? What would you like to be able to do with it? What is your dream state? We will be doing a complete audit of all current systems, identifying the gaps, and a plan to fill them.

Days 21-29

Our team heads to the drawing board. We are taking what we’ve learned from you over the last few weeks and putting together a complete engagement strategy, custom built for your business.

Day 30.

We send you the first deliverable, the engagement strategy plan. This outlines all of the business requirements, the buyer personas, the technology overview, and everything else you need to become sophisticated.

Day 31.

Your approval. We want to make sure that you’re happy with the plan that’s been laid out. If everything sounds great, we will proceed to move forward. Don’t like it? Tell us what we missed and we will revise the plan to make sure it’s the best fit for you.

Month 2.

Create, Build, Develop, Test, Review, Test Again, Release. During these 30 days, our team is working their magic to create the complete technical solution. The end-state results in a simple, easy-to-use, marketing system that allows you to manage touch points through the entire customer journey. You will also be working with our project manager and content strategists to start identifying, inbound goals, success metrics, and lead nurturing processes.

Month 3.

Begin the knowledge transfer. Our commitment is to leave you completely self-sufficient on what we’ve created. What does this look like? Our strategist/designer will walk your team through the entire content strategy, create the first round of content, build easy-to-use templates, and show them how to manage it on their own. Creating content isn’t the only skill we want you to leave with, we strive for your team to become experts which is why getting you certified is part of our program. Just implemented Google AdWords and Hubspot? Great. We will make sure that at least one person in your team has subject matter expertise by getting them through the certification process. By proactively educating your marketing team, user adoption increases, change management becomes easier, and the value of your team’s skill sets improves.


After 90 days.

Not only do we want you to succeed with your new gizmos and gadgets, we want you to be happy. That is why we include two months of full post-live operational support as part of the program. This includes assistance with a new inbound campaign, continued education for employees, troubleshooting, you name it. Your success is our success.



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