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Capabilities & Solutions

Email Marketing

  • Customer Nurturing or Drip Campaign
  • Email Campaign with Dynamic Tokens
  • Newsletter Campaign
  • Email Deliverability Assessment and Recommendation

Email & Landing Page Templates

  • Landing Page Template Creation or Refresh
  • Email Template Creation or Refresh
  • Responsive Email & Landing Page Optimization

Content Creation

  • Create a content calendar to execute a compelling narrative
  • Monthly content curation, copywriting, and execution
  • Design and supporting development

Lead Scoring & Lead Management

  • Lead Scoring Methodology Creation
  • Lead Scoring Methodology Review, Refresh, and Optimization

Customer Persona Develompent

  • Persona & Customer Experience Strategy facilitation
  • Data drive insight to lock on impactful customer personas
  • Persona design and lead nurturing within Marketo

Customer Lifecycle Engagement

  • Solomon Relationship Framework Assessment
  • Solomon Relationship Framework workshop and experience design

Reporting & Insight

  • Real – Time Performance Reporting
  • Complete Funnel Insight & Actionable Analytics
  • Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Review Preparation

Webinars, Event Marketing, Tradeshows

  • Create and Execute a Webinar Series
  • Create and Execute a Tradeshow or Convention
  • Create and Execute a Promotion

Product Launch Services

  • Creating a successful product launch strategy with Marketo
  • Creating custom product launch landing pages
  • Product Launch focused lead acquisition programs

Lead Aquisition

  • Smart list lead acquisition strategies
  • Integrating digital advertising efforts into marketo funnels

Forms and Progressive Profiling

  • Create a form with progressive profiling
  • Integrate marketo forms within your website

Subscription Preference Center

  • Global preference center
  • Channel and frequency preferences

Ad Bridge Implementation

  • Creating an impactful digital media buying strategy
  • Implementation of Ad-Bridge within your Marketo instance
  • Monthly ad-buying, optimization, and insight

Mobile Marketing Services

  • Creating responsive emails and landing pages
  • Implementation of mobile channels within marketo
  • Implementing Marketo’s mobile marketing tools

API Development

  • Integrate marketo with Bullhorn reach
  • Custom API development leveraging REST and SOAP API’s
  • Integrate Marketo seamlessly with

Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics

  • Seamless integration of Marketing & Sales
  • Leveraging “interesting moment” to energize sales.
  • MQL > SQL optimization loop creation

Marketo Implementation

  • Ground up Strategy, Design, and Implementation of Marketo
  • Hosted instances, marketing automation with the flip of a switch

Training & Workspaces

  • Marketing Automation Principles
  • Lead Scoring and Nurturing Workshop
  • On-site Marketo Supercharge Sessions