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Meet Marcos Rodriguez: Consulting Director

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Being a great consultant also means working for a great consulting agency. The agency is the backbone of what you represent and work for.

Marcos Rodriguez, Consulting Director

Marcos Rodriguez ♦ Consulting Director

What Do You Bring to Solomon? 

I have a passion for learning how to do things smarter. Whether it is building a program, a process or even a repeatable task, I like to look at ways in which as a team, we can have the time to focus on improving both the way we operate and, in turn, our clients. 



When Did You Start Your Marketing Career? 

I started 6 years ago when I was a contracted marketing operations manager for a global relationship marketing program. That was a two year engagement, that when it ended, I went on to do a variety of other projects but I have had an interest in marketing operations ever since. 

What Is Your Proudest Professional Moment?

I had the opportunity in 2017 to go on a two week work trip to Australia to setup innovation centers in both Melbourne and Sydney for my previous employer. I not only had a great experience networking with colleagues on the other side of the world around how they drive innovation with their clients, but I also had a great cultural experience learning about the culture with my wife, who had come with me.

What Is the Best Part of Your Job? 

Every day I get to work with a dedicated group of professionals who are passionate about what they do and it shows in our day to day interactions.

What Makes You Excited to be Part of the Team? 

The level of collaboration that exists is a company strength and allows the team to accomplish great things for both the company and our clients.

What Do You Do in Your Pastime? 

Working on DIY projects on my boats, exploring the Pacific Northwest on hikes, camping during the summer and cruising the waterways and reading historical fiction.

Solomon Solution

Solomon Solution

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