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Meet Jake Anderson: Lead MarTech Developer

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Being a great consultant also means working for a great consulting agency. The agency is the backbone of what you represent and work for.

Jake Anderson ♦ Lead MarTech Developer ♦ Marketo Certified Expert

What Do You Bring to Solomon?

I have worked with a diverse range of people in a variety of industries, including, but not limited to, food, construction, sales, and technology.

Aside from a strong work ethic, my path has taught me that no reaction, process or decision is truly random. Each person brings their own experience, ideas, and understanding to the table and that is the power of what is called “Empathetic Problem Solving.” Understanding the ‘how’ and ‘what’ is simple, but the ‘why’ is often a bit more complicated. Once that piece is understood, you can really start solving problems and improving processes.

In addition to this, I bring an analytical mindset, an ever growing set of technical skills, and a hunger for advancing and adding to those skills daily.

When Did You Start Your Career?

My first “real job” (as defined as a job with a W-2) was at the age of 14, in a kitchen at a camp in Silverdale, Washington. After several years in the food industry, I decided I wanted less of a physical challenge and more of a mental challenging career with perhaps slightly better hours. With only that to go on, I spent the next year researching and interviewing everyone I knew that had a career they enjoyed. In the end, I chose the tech field and started attending Seattle Central College with the goal of transferring into the University of Washington’s Computer Science program.

I dropped out of college with a high GPA and attended Code Fellows(CF) two years later and launched my career in software. Since then I have been a Lead Teachers Assistant at CF twice and then worked in both a corporate office and a small startup in a living room. I love the challenges that the technical field brings. Weighing a diverse set of requirements both technical and resource related is an incredibly rewarding experience for me and I look forward to building my skill set at Solomon Solution and contributing to the incredible momentum they already have.

What’s Your Proudest Professional Moment

My first baking job was working the graveyard shift mixing dough at a local bakery. After about a year of that, I found a job posting for a position at a local restaurant I had previously never heard of. Seattle’s most prestigious restaurant, Canlis, was looking for a baker who had 6+ years baking experience with classical training in France or Italy, which I obviously didn’t have. When I learned they were the best, I knew I had to work there. I applied 6 times over the next month and was finally given an interview. My 3 day interview/stage concluded with a presentation of my selection of goods to a room full of both the Canlis family and team of people that ran the restaurant.

During my time at Canlis I made roughly 300,000 bread roles by hand, created 6 original bread recipes (not including variations), and learned more about bread than I ever thought possible. For 19 months I spent my days baking and my evenings reading bread books, simply trying to keep up with the demands a chef who was both very driven and a passionate perfectionist.

Canlis taught me more about working hard, accepting nothing but perfection and truly being proud of your work than any other job, not to mention it was a challenge to just get in the door, much less keep up day to day. My success there is what I consider a crowning achievement in my career marking a point where I rose to a challenge I wasn’t nearly qualified for, which gave me the desire to push myself beyond an industry I knew my whole life.

What Is the Best Part of Your Job?

In addition to working with a great team, I get to master a set of tools, while questioning everything. Is this the best way to do this, design it, solve it? If not, how could it be better? What are the implications of making those adjustments both long term and short term.

These are all questions I constantly ask myself so being in a position where that is encouraged, is incredibly exciting. Not to mention education, certifications and self-improvement are encouraged and supported which I super dig.

That and the free coffee.

What Is the Most Challenging Part of Your Job?

Being surrounded by individuals who are driven, smart, and creative is the best kind of challenge. Challenging in that this is not an environment where you can roll into work every day, turn on the autopilot and wait for the sweet release of either retirement or winning the mega millions jackpot. If that is your thing, awesome, you do you. But personally, that’s not my gig.

I enjoy the constant push, hard work, and perpetual self-improvement.

What Makes You Excited to be Part of the Team?

I am super jazzed to be a part of a small team doing big things. Solomon has a corner on an ever-expanding market and that is no small feat. It is something to be proud of, and a catalyst to continue being the best.

What Do You Do in Your Pastime?

Having grown up in the PNW I find few things as enjoyable and relaxing as the water, tree’s and the mountains. Great pairings with any or all of those is a smooth cigar, a bowl of aromatic pipe tobacco, a bitter beer, or a dram of peaty scotch. Any of those, in any combination and I am a happy camper.

Jake Anderson

Jake Anderson

I love figuring out how things work, their processes, and how I can make it better. One thing that is often overlooked by the typical “Problem Solver” type of person is that they jump in with their solutions before really understanding the problem. I am always curious about learning and understanding how the current process is done, why is it done that way, and what are all the pieces involved in that process. Everyone has a reason for doing what they do and only after you understand the what, how, and why, can you craft the best solution for them.

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