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Meet Austin Stephens: Demand Generation Analyst

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Being a great consultant also means working for a great consulting agency. The agency is the backbone of what you represent and work for.

Austin Stephens ♦ Demand Generation Analyst ♦ Marketo Certified Expert

What Do You Bring to Solomon? 

I come from a diverse background and have had the opportunity to work in many fields including, Aerospace Maintenance, Retail, Inside Sales, and CRM Administration. 

I’m a huge believer that small changes to a workstream or process can often have the greatest impact on the effectiveness of a team or organization. If we can free people up from the “menial” then they can focus on the “extraordinary”.   

I am also a huge believer that we cannot grow when we are comfortable and, often I take on challenges or projects that are well beyond my years of experience. This has allowed me to be a part of exciting initiatives and grow my knowledge at an accelerated rate. 

When Did You Start Your Marketing Career? 

I started as a marketing automation specialist roughly a year and half ago. 

What Is Your Proudest Professional Moment?

I have two, one is related to marketing and one is not. The one that relates to marketing is simple but, it’s what made me fall in love with Martech. When I first got into Marketing Technology, I built a marketing dashboard for the team that I was a part of at the time. The insights I pulled were datapoints that no one in the company had seen since the formation of the company and ultimately became the basis and measure for all our marketing experiments while at the company. It was exciting to be able to deliver that type of data to my colleagues and radically change the perception of the business. 

My second moment was while I was in the military, my team was on deck for deployment and I wanted to go. At the time my superiors told me that it wasn’t possible as I didn’t have the necessary experience. The deployment was a year out and, in that time, I volunteered for every job we had in the shop on top of studying every schematic we had on the aircraft I worked on. When the orders came down on who would deploy my name was one of those chosen and I was the youngest person to go from our base. This was the first time that I realized that work ethic is a force multiplier that allows you to rapidly grow your skillset when used correctly.  

What Is the Best Part of Your Job? 

I get to help people every day accomplish things that they would not be able to without my help. I also get to experience new challenges and be a critical part of solving those problems for clients, ultimately increasing their quality of life and workplace satisfaction. 

What Makes You Excited to be Part of the Team? 

Solomon is full of some of the most intelligent, radical, creative, and diverse individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Bringing these people together constantly allows us to challenge what is possible in the Marketing Technology space today and implement new creative solutions to solve some the industry’s biggest problems. Being a part of this is extremely exciting.  

What Do You Do in Your Pastime? 

In my free time, I like to play video games, hike, dabble in photography, and help run an amateur film production company with my brother. 

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