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Meet Adam Andrews: Demand Generation Consultant

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Being a great consultant also means working for a great consulting agency. The agency is the backbone of what you represent and work for.

Adam Andrews, Demand Generation Consultant

Adam Andrews ♦ Demand Generation Consultant ♦ Marketo Certified Expert

What Do You Bring to Solomon? 

I have a pretty diverse set of skills that I’ve developed over the years – I’ve had a dabble in just about every piece of a marketing stack. I bring all of those skills to the table, but most importantly, I bring empathy. Empathy for the customer, and empathy for other marketers and what they have to get done.  

I really care about what other people care about. And caring is key to delivering good products and communication.

When Did You Start Your Marketing Career? 

I tell people that a marketing career is a bit like Narnia – people seem to only find it by accident. I’ve met so many different types of people from different backgrounds that scratch their own heads about how they got here.  

But… I think I would be the exception to the rule in that I actually set out at a young age for a career in marketing. I mean, even in middle school I was a complete dork and handed out business cards. I just never found a way to turn it off.

What’s Your Proudest Professional Moment 

I was treated to a $300 steak dinner as a reward for a campaign I put together. I know that’s not the most lucrative reward in the industry, but so many times our best work never gets a moment to shine in lieu of the next fire to get put out. To get appreciated for something you did – to get to tangibly savor a moment of success – is priceless.

What Is the Best Part of Your Job? 

Marketing is at this wonderful crossroads where it can be either an art or a science. You get to make something really creative. And then you get to pull out your forceps and analyze what made it so good or bad. And then you get to do it again, but better 

In that constant drive of self-improvement you sometimes create some really cool stuff. Like legitimately cool stuff. Stuff you could show to your mom, and she would think it’s cool. Isn’t that everyone’s goal in life?

What Makes You Excited to be Part of the Team? 

I’m really looking forward to being part of a team full of so many smart, talented, and experienced people. Plus, I love learning and trying new things, and I am pretty sure I will get a lot of that here.

What Do You Do in Your Pastime? 

I don’t get a lot of pastime these days, but when I do, there’s nothing I love more than learning a new board game. Or taking a hike with the family. I also do a lot of cooking at home.

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