We’re Hiring!

Typically, in the summers, Seattle slows down. We get bogged down all winter with the grey blanket of clouds that drape over the city. That’s usually the time when people lock themselves away and create amazing things. Since moving here over a decade ago, I’ve often wondered how such a tiny little city in the corner of nowhere has changed the world in such a dramatic way; Amazon, Boeing, Costco, Microsoft, Nordstrom…. amazing right? I think its’ the winters. People get focussed so intently on working, creating, and thinking big, then boom – summer hits and everyone lets loose.

madison beach

Not this summer. The city has been buzzing with activity. Solomon’s been no different. We’ve been growing at a breakneck pace and we’re looking to add to the team of accomplished consultants. We’re picky about who we work with. You should be too. After all, when you choose a place to work, you’re choosing to spend a ridiculous amount of time together. You’re also banking on those people to nurture your own success – and we’re all banking on you to do the same.

Over the last couple of years I’ve narrowed down the types of people that I really like to work with. Everyone’s a special snowflake, but here’s some things that I really value;

  1. Empathy – This is really important as a consultant. The ability to put oneself in others’ shoes and really understand their problems and concerns is the first step towards designing an elegant and successful solution.
  2. Entrepreneurial – What does that mean? To me – it’s tsomeone that’s scrappy. They’re resourceful, savvy, and do less with more. People with an entrepreneurial spirit will look at a business problem as an opportunity instead of a hurdle. That’s really hard to train. People either follow the established beaten trail, or they’re looking around trying to figure out how to get there faster. We like people who go fast without their hand held out looking for directions at every fork in the road.
  3. Self Motivated – Stop for a second and really ask yourself whether this is you?  Yes? Then, I want to talk. If it’s not –  take a couple steps back and think big picture about what’s going on with life. Think about rekeying what to do for money along the lines of where your passions lie. Everyone can be passionate about something. Everyone can work really hard. People who are motivated by an underlying energy greater than themselves are priceless. 5 people can train as hard as possible for a swim meet – but the person who actually loves being in the pool is who i’d bet my money on. If you love marketing, delivering exceptional customer experiences, the life of a start-up… then yes – say hi!
  4. Insatiably Curious – People who wait to get fed are going to go hungry. Don’t we all admire the people who face an intellectual challenge, but then blow it out of the water by chipping away with an onslaught of accumulated knowledge? It’s awesome! I love working with people who are constantly questioning “is there a better, faster, stronger way to do this?” I love people who bring new solutions to the table and who are constantly getting better at what they do by endlessly learning.



Now that we got all that out of the way, here’s the practical roles we’re looking to fill very soon.



Demand Generation Consultant  – an experienced marketer who understands how to bend and twist marketing technology to make clients money. There’s a lot of people that can do that. But, we’re a little different. Every engagement starts with a Customer Experience strategy before we unroll the tool belt. Are you sick of getting paid to create a shiny spam cannon? Then, we’re high fiving right now. We design elegant experiences for leads and customers. That’s because it’s the best way to increase trust for our clients, and most importantly, make them money.

  1. Marketo Certified Expert? That’s certainly a shiny badge – and we love shiny things! But, if you have the chops, we can figure it out real quick. So, don’t sweat it – we’ll pay for the test.
  2. CRM Experience. We like Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In fact, we’re quite smitten with both and that’s why we can’t give either up. We work with a mix of clients that use either or. But, experience integrating MA and CRM is a major win, because without sales enablement – marketing automation is dead in the water.
  3. Attention to Detail – Hey look, you’re dealing with customer data here. That means one misfire can put egg on the entire painting. As a Consultant, you need to have an exceptional attention to detail, because the expectation is that everything we deliver is perfect. And it always is.
  4. You bring something else awesome to the table. That’s up to you, but I’d love to hear about

Marketing Analyst –  you’re more than likely working as a social media marketer and you’re having weird existential thoughts about “does any of this really matter”? You’re starting to have a couple dreams here and there about data. Yeah…. data. All of the sudden, all of your tweets, likes, and influence actually mean something! They’re turning into real metrics before your very eyes! The boss is high-fiving you because you’re making him so much money – and you can prove it! Well, guess what…… that’s called marketing automation. That’s what we do. We would like to take your Social Media mastery and take you to the next level. Marketing Automation is a good career move. Check out the salary report sites and then drop me an email.

  1. Year or two working in a marketing department.
  2. You’re a content marketing, social media marketer, or something along that vein of thinking.
  3. Maybe you’re geeking out on Google Analytics? Hubspot inbound certified? Killing time and hoping for a prayer on platforms like Act-On, Pardot, or InfusionSoft?
  4. You’re good with numbers. In high school people tried to copy your homework. You didn’t really understand this, because you did it during Social Studies – you knew all that. You watched the history channel.

I’d love to meet you. Say hi and lets talk.