Relationship Framework E-Book

Marketing’s goal is to drive revenue for the company. We’re dreamers and realists at Solomon. Relationships are absolutely more profitable than transactions. Relational marketing is big picture strategy. Transactional marketing is short sighted goals tied to micro-lifts. In fact, many marketing automation models stop at the point of consideration. That’s a huge mistake. The people who have committed to your brand are one of your most powerful “marketing channels”. Solomon’s relationship framework captures the entire journey; from “hello” to “advocate”. We’ll walk you through each step so that you can gain a good understanding of where your company is doing great, and where you can harness the principles of relationship design to drive outperforming value for your company.

Relationship Framework Assessment

A Relationship Assessment is the first step on a path to marketing and sales sophistication.

The Solomon Relation Framework Assessment is designed to help businesses and organizations restructure their marketing efforts around relationship development.