Marketo Summit

#MKTGNATION – Quick tips to maximizing your Marketo Marketing Nation Summit™ experience.

For those of us that have been deep into marketing automation for a while, we’ve had the opportunity to attend quite a few Marketo events — the Summit in particular. I often get asked “is it worth it,” “what can I get out of it,” or “should I send my team?”

Ultimately, I believe the short answer is “you will get out of it what you put into it”. I wouldn’t recommend just winging it or going just to go – have an objective and a plan so you don’t end up fragmenting yourself.

Let me frame up a few scenarios for you to explain and offer some quick tips.

New to Marketo – first trip to the Summit

There is an amazing amount of content across multiple tracks. You will need to focus your selections.

  • Consider attending University Day. It’s a great way to find your grounding, learn the basics, or even take on an advanced topic you’ve been curious about.
  • For the general sessions, pick the ones that can help you immediately gain traction. Think about what you want to be doing differently the week after you return.
  • Going to get certified? The Summit is a great place to lock it down. Take the test early and wear your MCE swag to differentiate yourself throughout the event.
  • Go as a team to divide and conquer. Divvy up all of the priority sessions that you think could help move your organization forward. Send team members in different directions to be the ambassador. Then regroup, go through the highlights, and focus on the elements that you can apply to move forward.

Marketo has been running well for a couple of years – time to enhance

Now that you have operationalized Marketo and you are ready to start optimizing and enhancing, you can focus your Summit experience on expanding your tech stack.

  • Go through the agenda and identify the case studies and presentations with the 3rd party vendors, suppliers, and event sponsors. See how others have done what you are looking to do.
  • Spend time in the Expo hall. 100+ marketing solution and service providers will be there to address almost every scenario you can think of.
  • Attend the Revvie Awards See how top organizations are driving business and what tools they are leveraging.

Marketo isn’t the problem – finding the talent to run it is

The potential for marketing automation can only be realized through those that can bring it to life, and some of the best and brightest are going to be at this event.

  • Network – the opportunities are endless. Go to the meet-up sessions, or use the Marketing Nation App to coordinate activities with your local MUG members between events.
  • Leverage the meal opportunities and talk with those at the table and take advantage of the transition periods.
  • Attend the sessions that are important to your org. Pay attention to who is attending to solve similar scenarios.
  • Ask for referrals. This community of individuals is great at helping one another out.
  • Talk with the service partners that are present. Skip the recruitment and ramp period.

There is too much information to be had by one person at the Summit. You are fortunate enough to pick what is the most relevant to you. My advice is to go to the Summit with a plan. Map out your agenda before you go. The more you put into the planning, the more you will get out of it. Lastly – have fun. There are multiple partner/sponsor parties on Monday evening and the Marketing Nation party on Tuesday is always a great time.

Several members from Solomon Solution will be at the event. We’d be glad to chat about the challenges you may be facing and how we can help.


I hope to see you there!

Solomon Solution: Demand Generation Practice Director