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Meet Corey Bayless: Demand Generation Developer

Being a great consultant also means working for a great consulting agency. The agency is the backbone of what you represent and work for.


“When you find the right team and company, loyalty comes easy, and it breeds a new efficiency in opportunities for our clients.”


Picture of Corey Bayless Demand Generation Developer for Solomon Solutions

Demand Generation Developer Corey Bayless

What Do You Bring to Solomon?
I pride myself in being able to solve very complex coding and framework problems for my clients. Additionally, I bring the expert level MCE certification and Marketo development experience and development skills in general. I am fully certified in Bing, Google Analytics, SEM and SEO, and AdWords best practices. I specialize in most front-end stack technologies, and my back end knowledge with C# and SQL is not bad either. Understanding the full picture is very beneficial for solving a wide array of problems that clients experience.
My goal is to be a full stack developer able to traverse front and back end frameworks for my clients. Furthermore, I am also able to deliver technical documentation of code process and fixes which aid in the ability to troubleshoot effectively. In my perspective, the code never lies, it really comes down to whether it works or doesn’t.
Overall, my technical expertise of code and project management and understanding of most digital marketing best practices allows for me to take on some of the most difficult projects. My passion for solving client problems and constant daily learning is what has gotten me to this level and I only want to continue that upward trajectory. When I find gaps in my knowledge I quickly learn how to fill the missing pieces. I never waste opportunities and I always focus on being able to deliver a great customer experience with the work I produce.


When Did You Start Your Career?
I started my career as an aspiring professional snowboarder while going to school at Central Washington University full time. After graduation with a B.A. in Communications, I realized that I needed to focus on my professional career while putting snowboarding temporarily on the side.
My first real job was working for my family’s business, Puget Bindery Inc. After doing that for a couple years and learning the difficulties that come with manual labor-type work I joined an advertising sales agency. While there, I spent my days making 80 to 120 cold calls a day selling online advertising. This line of work was much different from the Bindery and in the process, I learned that sales is the fastest way to understand how to listen to client issues and communicate solutions to their problems.
This was not the path I was most passionate about. As a child, I always had a love for creating and building things. I thought, what better way to do this than to learn to code as an adult. This put me down a path of code-related work that led to me working directly with a scrum agile development team for a large tech company.
Through all of this, one thing has remained constant: my process, work ethic, and team-centric attitude are my driving forces for learning and expanding my abilities daily. This mindset is what led to working with one of the Fortune 5 technology companies. I worked as an admin on one of the world’s largest Marketo implementation. I also ended up architecting support portal for the entire global field marketing organization for this fortune 5 company. Before I knew it, I was executing on some important projects for high level executives. People knew of my abilities and the value that I could provide with the work I produced.
This was the start I was looking for and quickly after, I was approached by Solomon Solutions. My goal was to show potential, and soon after, I was offered my first development job as a DemandA Screen Shot of Code blocks Generation Developer for Solomon. This was the platform I was looking for, and I couldn’t be happier.


What’s Your Proudest Professional Moment?
My proudest moment in my career was on launch day of the global field support Portal for the fortune five Marketing tech organization. I remember sitting in front of a room full of full time employees clapping about what I was able to deliver. The value and level of detail required to hit the mark on this project was a cornerstone moment in my career and I was rewarded a title of developer because of it. Since then I have been working as fast as I can to learn as much development related knowledge so that I could continue toward my upward career trajectory.


What is the best part of your Job?
The best part of my job is working with a wonderful team and being able to build and develop new solutions for clients. I also really enjoy being a Marketo developer and getting to work with many different implementations of the platform for various companies.


What is the most Challenging Part of my Job?
The most difficult but most rewarding part of my job involves development. The development profession continues to adapt and expand, and it is important that I keep up and learn and code on a daily basis. My technology book stack only continues to grow but so do my skills and desire to learn. I never want to take a day or anything that is given to me for granted. Every day is indeed a gift and it is worth the hard work it takes to succeed.


Corey Bayless snowboarding picture at the Summit At Snoqualmie Alpental

What I enjoy doing in my spare time!

What Makes You Excited to be Part of the Team?
The best part about the team is the level of technical expertise that exists. I feel confident that this group could take on any challenge thrown their way. We have all the ability and we are ready to show each client we meet.


What Do you Do in your Pastime?
Like I mentioned above I love to snowboard and teach snowboarding. I am also huge into Seattle sports, and I especially love Soccer. When I am not working on new development tasks or learning new skills and techniques, I am probably traveling to other snowboarding resorts or playing soccer and paintballing. I like to stay active always.